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Block Paving Specialists For Milton Keynes, Driveways and Patios

Block paving Milton KeynesAre you looking for a paving company in Milton Keynes that can install block paving? Give B and M a call today. We are experts at installing block paving in Milton Keynes. With over 30 years experience at installing block paving, you are guaranteed a quality block paving installation each and everytime with B and M Paving.

All our work is done to exacting standards to ensure a long lasting and durable block paving installation. If its on your driveway, patio or garden area, we always ensure the preparation work is handled correctly and all the correct block paving installation procedures are adhered to.

With a wide range of options that includes standard block paving, cobble stones, Tegula and clay paving, you are guaranteed to find an option that will suit both your taste and budget. We can tailor any block paving to suit our customers from adding custom designed patterns to creating sloped entrances to homes that require wheelchair access.


Block paving looks great on any patio area or garden area. It can be used with other products like gravel, natural stone, tarmac or resin bound in Milton Keynes. Make your block paving on your driveway stand out by creating contrasting borders with various styles available.

Add decorative and curved lines on lawns or gardens. Block paving pathways that wind round a garden or circle a seating area out the back of your home. With B and M Paving as your block paving specialist, your imagination is your limit. Block paving is a very common type of surface for driveways and patios.

Call us today to get a free quote for block paving Milton Keynes. We look forward to hearing from you.



Here are some of the steps we follow when installing block paving in Milton Keynes:


Site Preparation

All our block paving is laid on a firm, level and well drained base to ensure long term service and stability – getting the ground work right is essential.

Edge restraints (if required)

The next stage is to set up edge restraints around the area to be paved (these may include existing walls) using block kerbs or concrete edging. The kerbs or concrete edgings are bedded into 100mm of concrete, to the required level, with a 45 degree haunch up the side of at least half the block or kerb height. This is essential to prevent the block paving and the sand on which they are laid from moving.

Underground drainage, Aco drains or similar drainage including inspection chambers are installed at this stage if required.


Onto this, a layer of river washed sand (river washed sand is more free draining than normal sand and is less prone to being washed out) is applied, to the depth of 50mm, and then compacted with a plate compactor. A second layer of sand is then applied. This second layer of sand is leveled to the correct falls using string line levels.

Laying the Block Paving

The laying of block paving should always begin from the bottom of any slope, preferably starting from a right angle or a straight edge. Working from several packs at a time is essential when using a mixed size product such as cobble styled paving blocks.

We place the block paving on top of the laying course, ensuring they are around 4-5mm above the desired finished level. Once all the block paving is laid, we use a mechanical block splitter or a Con-saw to cut the blocks required for the infill pieces or at the retaining edges. Once completed, we sweep the area and compact with two or three passes of the plate compactor.

Jointing of the block paving is preferably completed when the block paving is dry. We apply kiln dried sand to the block paved area, then brush into the joints using a soft brush, ensuring the joints are filled fully.

We use the plate compactor on the paved area again, to push the sand into the joints. Once this has been done, we check for any gaps in the jointing and fill where necessary, compacting again afterwards if needed. The sand in the joints may need to be topped up for the first few months after the job is completed.



Block Paving on Driveway

Rated 5 out of 5

B and M Paving Contractors did a new block paved drive for me last week and I just had to leave them a review because I am so pleased with what they have done for me, they gave me a very detailed written quote that they religiously stuck to – the price never went up and they did not take a penny from me until the job was completed. Thanks guys can’t wait for you to come back and pave the patio in the near future.

Glenn Read