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DIY Tips for When You Want To Work On Your Roof

How to replace roof tiles and slates

Damaged roof tiles or slipped, missing roof tiles (a moved tile), can lead to water that can flow underneath the truss on your roof. In order for that not to happen, you should regularly view your roof and after heavy rain, always look at the roof deck to see if it is flowing correctly off the deck. The damaged covering should be replaced in the shortest possible time if you do have problems with it.

If you are looking to put in a new roof, make sure to certain over what type of roof would suit your home. Remember that roofs can dictate the appearance of your home and you should always try to choose an option that combines the roofing style with your driveway to maximum effect.

Replacing the roof tiles

The good news is when you do need to find a leak or a weakness in your roof, they generally have a pattern to where they occur. You can read about the common type of roofing leaks here >

You can check the roof and see if there are cracked, broken or crumbling tiles. When removing broken or damaged, you must first make sure that you have completely removed all the debris around it. Lift up the other tiles in a row above the damaged one with two wooden wedges.

Insert the tip of the roof spoon under the damaged tile, lift it above the bar and remove it. You can push the new tile until it catches its teeth by the bar. Then remove the wooden wedges, and if you still have a glitch somewhere, we repeat the procedure.

This way you can replace all kinds of tiles except the grooved roofing ones. They are either charged with a 32 mm aluminum alloy nail or reinforced with clips.


New materials and technical procedures are currently used in the construction industry. At the same time, however, we still use one of the oldest natural building materials from our ancestors. One of them is the clay and slate used by ancient Romans on their dwellings.

Slate tile replacement

You replace the slate tiles with the help of a tear-down tool. Insert it under a cracked plate and move it sideways until we hit the fixing nail. Pulling down, it catches the tool’s snooze behind the nail and pulls it out or drops it. After removing both nails, which the plate was attached, its cracked residues can be pulled out.

You can fasten the new roof tiles with 200 x 25 mm dimensions. Then bend the lead belt back over the bottom edge of the plate. The bend is doubled so that the belt does not straighten later with the either snow, ice or water build up. Fix the nail that secures the lead belt into a latch, to which the bottom row of slate slate slabs is nailed.

By replacing damaged roofing or slate tiles, you contribute to keeping your roof in good condition along with the trusses. We must not underestimate roof inspections, in particular, the regular inspection of the roofing deck after the winter season and heavy rains, just as before the winter starts as well.

If you are ever in doubt about handling this type of work, you should always reach our to a professional such as TC Roofers – Roofing Contractors in Dublin who can provide you with professional advice and guidance on repairing or replacing your roof.