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Driveline Metro Paving

Driveline Metro is linear paving that brings a distinctive contemporary look. With a lightly-textured surface finish, which has been ‘washed’ to expose the premium aggregates, Metro is available in four complementary colours.

The four choices for paving colours; Dark Grey, Light Grey, Maroon and Rose can be laid individually or in a number of attractive combinations. Easy to lay on a standard driveway sub base, Driveline Metro gives a clean, modern linear look without the need for a full mortar bed.

Driveline Metro is laid in a half bond pattern (staggered pattern) on a bed of river washed sand just like standard block paving. If you would like to know more about the details visit:

You can still opt for various types of borders with this style of paving for your driveway. Call us today to find out more about having Driveline Metro paving installed in Milton Keynes. We are local paving contractors for Milton Keynes.